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I provide counseling in a private, comfortable, relaxed environment. I have experience with teens and adults of all ages. I work with individuals, couples, and families facing a wide variety of issues. While I specialize in relationships, I also have an extensive background in helping people address anxiety, depression, grief, past trauma, addictions, and sudden change of life circumstance due to physical illness or injury. I also have experience in other specific areas, so please contact me if you are uncertain as to whether I might be able to help. If I do not have experience or training in your area of need, I may be able to help you find someone who does.

If you are not sure what exactly the issue is or how to solve it, don’t worry. It is common for new clients to know that something is “off,” but not know exactly what it is. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to help bring your situation into focus. Once you have a clear picture of the problem you can begin working toward a solution. As your counselor it is my job to help you identify and clarify the issue(s) you are facing. Then we will work collaboratively through the process of setting goals, finding solutions, and creating positive change. Counseling and Coaching services are offered in person or by phone.
* LGBT Friendly

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Bryan Truelove
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