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Priorities: Are You Sure?

Don’t tell me where your priorities are, show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are. – James W. Frick

I think the same could be said of how you spend your time. A favorite exercise of mine when working with clients (especially those who feel overwhelmed) is to take inventory of how each of their 168  hours are spent in a given week. To do this you must document time accurately and track the details. For example an 8 hour work day may actually cost you 11 hours when you factor in drive time, lunch break, and any work brought home including checking texts/emails or taking phone calls. I have yet to see someone complete this exercise without being at least a little surprised at where their time goes. It really helps you gain perspective on how certain problems develop in your life. If you sense that you and your spouse are losing touch, or your relationship with your kids seems strained, then I challenge you to take inventory of how you spend all 168 hours in your week. If your results show your priorities don’t mirror how your time is spent, then you have probably just identified a significant part of the problem. So, how do you spend your 168 hours?

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