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Marriage Counseling

Most couples who come to me for counseling list one or more of the following issues as the reason their relationship is falling apart:

If you have identified any of these issues in your own relationship you are certainly not alone. Every couple faces difficulty at times. As a professional counselor who specializes in marital counseling I can help. I offer an objective point of view, new insights, and proven communication techniques that you and your partner will learn to use together. These new tools will enable you to neutralize arguments and solve problems as a team.

I earned a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Central Florida. Near the end of my graduate studies I joined UCF’s Marriage and Family Research Institute where I taught relationship skills classes to couples from the local community. The classes taught were part of a government research grant to find the most effective ways for couples to work through marital issues. While teaching these classes I often found that I learned as much from the couples as they learned from me. With 6 to 14 couples in each class they would often combine to share 50+ years of experience being married. We would often discuss what worked in a marriage, what didn’t work, and why. I came to understand how break downs in communication can cause two people who want the same thing to feel like enemies. Most importantly, I learned and developed effective counseling strategies to help couples in crisis get their marriage back on track.

In my time teaching groups at UCF and working one on one with couples in my private practice I have helped people work through every one of the issues listed above and more. You already have a great deal invested in your relationship. If you want things to improve and you are willing to give counseling a try please contact me for a complimentary phone consultation.


Bryan Truelove
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